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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Woods

Many people are still talking about the Tiger Woods press conference that was held yesterday and for some reason are countinuing to take shots at Tiger which amazes me. Its like really? Your gonna continue to throw stones knowing good and damn well that you live in a glass house with major cracks in it? What Tiger did was wrong as I am sure everyone will agree with that, but to continue to critisize the man after his apology yesterday is absolutely ridiculous. Let it go I said yesterday on twitter (@theblackarigold), "All of you Tiger haters can get back to your minimum wage jobs, lives and relationships". There is more important things in live than kicking a man while he is down and despite his miscues, he has still accomplished more in his life than 90% of you people who are talking shit. Some of you say due to the fact his apology was pre written it wasnt sincere. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO KNOW WHETHER OR NOT SOMEONE IS SINCERE IN THEIR APOLOGY?! The Bible says "No man can judge a man but God himself". Most therapist will tell you that if you have something important that you need to address with someone, it is best to write it down. Mainly becasue when you try to speak from your heart/mind you tend to let emotions creep into what your trying to say and at times you may forget to mention something that is vital to what your trying to say. So Tiger's pre written speech doesnt bother me, it shows intelligence. He wanted to make sure he addressed EVERYTHING in his statement and not forget something.

Days leading up to the press conference, many people asked "Why is he doing this?". Some people said "Tiger doesnt owe me an apology". Both statements show signs of ignorance and lack of morals and integrity which is something that is an severe problem in this country. Maybe you dont care if Tiger personally gives you an apology, but as a real man, (which are rare to find these days) its the right thing to do. Whether you are a Tiger Woods fan or not, most people if not everyone, including you respected this man. We all had a certain perception of who Tiger was a person, but as I have always said.....perception isnt reality. To most people who like to believe in perception and not reality, you guys were shocked to hear what he had done. To us realest or as some of you people like to call us "jaded", his affairs didnt shock us becasue we realize that he is human. So Tiger did in a around about way owe eveyone an apology due to the fact he dissapointed some people, especially those who have kids who looked up to him. Some of you people forget how many of our kids/future looked up to him. Tiger set a good example in my opinion of showing kids what a real man or woman should do when they mess up in life.........BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!!

Something else that some people fail to realize is that two more reasons for him doing the public apology is to repair/protect the Tiger brand and for his wife. Lets be honest here people, his wife was embarressed world wide. Unlike most people, when we have our relationship issues it isnt all over the news and tabloids, nor do you have mistresess on tv making your significant other relive the affair for weeks and weeks. As it has been reporteed Elin is going to try and work things out with Tiger. With that being said, him going to sex therapy and this apology are steps that they are taking to repair their marriage. Now some people are saying that she shouldnt take him back. Thats easy to say if you have never been in a marriage where sure spouse has cheated. Its easy to specualte what you would do if your girlfriend or boyfriend cheated, becasue being in a dating relationship is completely different than a marriage. You can up and quit a dating relationship easily, but a marriage is something different. So unless you have been in Elin's shoes, you cant honestly say what you would do. She at first was going to leave Tiger then she changed her mind. Im sure she understands the magnitude of marriage and realizes that yes Tiger did break a vow, but she would be breaking one herself by not trying to work on things and two wrongs dont make a right.

I know that Tiger's speech doesnt magically fix everything and gets him back in everyone's good graces, but its the first step in the right direction. It will take time, but just like Kobe's situation years ago. People will forgive him and forget that it ever happend. With that being said, lets just move on and let Tiger and Elin do what they need to do for their marriage and their kids in privacy and without ridicule.

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