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Friday, April 9, 2010

Mock Draft 1.0, 1st and 2nd Rounds (April 9th)


(1) Rams: QB -Sam Bradford *Needs* (QB, DE, WR, OT, third-down RB and G)

(2) Lions: LT -Russell Okung *Needs* (DT, RB, S, LT and LB)

(3) Buccaneers: DT -Ndamukong Suh *Needs* (DT, DE, CB, S and G)

(4) Redskins: LT -Trent Williams *Needs* (LT, S, CB, C/G, NT and QB)

(5) Chiefs: OT/OG-Brian Bulaga *Needs* (OT, S, NT, ILB and G/C)

(6) Seahawks: DT-Gerald McCoy *Needs* (LT, RB, DE, CB and S)

(7) Browns: FS-Eric Berry *Needs* (CB, QB, WR, OLB, S and RB)

(8) Raiders: LT-Anthony Davis *Needs* (QB, LT, CB, ILB and NT)

(9) Bills: QB-Jimmy Clausen *Needs* (QB, LT, WR, NT and OLB)

(10) Jaguars: OLB-Sergio Kindle *Needs* (OLB, S, QB, and G/C)

(11) Broncos (From Bears): MLB-Rolando McClain *Needs* (ILB, C, OLB, WR (if Brandon Marshall is traded), TE and CB)

(12) Dolphins: WR-Dez Bryant *Needs* (WR, NT, OLB and FS)

(13) 49ers: SS-Earl Thomas *Needs* (QB, S, RT, third-down RB and OLB)

(14) Seahawks (From Broncos): RB-C.J. Spiller *Needs* (LT, RB, DE, CB and S)

(15) Giants: MLB-Sean Weatherspoon *Needs* (MLB, RT, DT, OLB, CB and third-down RB)

(16) Titans: DE/OLB-Jason Pierre-Paul *Needs* (OLB, DE, S, CB and WR)

(17) 49ers (From Panthers): LT-Bruce Campbell *Needs* (QB, S, RT, third-down RB and OLB)

(18) Steelers: CB-Kyle Wilson *Needs* (CB, DE, QB, RB and LT)

(19) Falcons: DE-Derrick Morgan *Needs* (OLB, DE, C and DT)

(20) Texans: CB-Devin McCourty *Needs* (CB, RB, FS, DT and DE)

(21) Bengals: TE-Jermaine Gresham *Needs* (S, TE, K, DT and DE)

(22) Patriots: DE-Carlos Dunlap *Needs* (OLB, DE, TE, OT and developmental QB)

(23) Packers: C/OL-Markice Pouncey *Needs* (CB, OT, S, RB and OLB)

(24) Eagles: OG-Mike Iupati *Needs* (G, OLB, S, DE and CB)

(25) Ravens: CB-Joe Hayden *Needs* (CB, DE, TE and FS)

(26) Cardinals: DT-Dan Williams *Needs* (LT, ILB, TE, NT and WR)

(27) Cowboys: DE-Brandon Graham *Needs* (LT, FS, ILB, K and DE)

(28) Chargers: RB-Ryan Matthews *Needs* (RB, RT, CB, S and in-line TE)

(29) Jets: WR-Demaryius Thomas *Needs* (DE, OLB, RT, WR and S)

(30) Vikings: CB-Kareem Jackson *Needs* (CB, DT, RB, MLB, OT and C/G)

(31) Colts: CB-Patrick Robinson *Needs* (LT, CB, C and DT)

(32) Saints: DT-Brian Price *Needs* (RB, DE, OLB, S and NT)

Round #2

(33) Rams: OT-Charles Brown
(34) Lions: RB-Jahvid Best
(35) Buccaneers: FS-Taylor Mays
(36) Chiefs: DT-Terrance Cody
(37) Eagles (From Redskins): OLB-Navorro Bowman
(38) Browns: QB-Colt McCoy
(39) Raiders: DT-Jared Odrick
(40) Chargers: (From Seahawks) OT-Rodger Saffold
(41) Bills: DT-Lamarr Houston
(42) Buccaneers: (From Bears) OG-Vlad Ducasse
(43) Dolphins: LB-Ricky Sapp
(44) Patriots (From Jaguars): LB-Daryl Washington
(45) Broncos: WR-Arrelious Benn
(46) Giants: RT-Kyle Calloway
(47) Patriots (From Titans): TE-Rob Gronkowski
(48) Panthers: WR-Golden Tate *Needs* (WR, DE, DT, QB and special teams)
(49) 49ers: RB-Dexter McCluster
(50) Chiefs (From Falcons): FS-Nathaniel Allen
(51) Texans: RB-Jonathan Dwyer
(52) Steelers: RB-Joe McKnight
(53) Patriots: LB-Roddrick Muckelroy
(54) Bengals: DE-Tyson Alualu
(55) Eagles: CB-Dominique Franks
(56) Packers: SS-Chad Jones
(57) Ravens: DE-Jerry Hughes
(58) Cardinals: MLB-Brandon Spikes
(59) Cowboys: LT-Jared Veldheer
(60) Seahawks (From Chargers): OT-Selvish Capers
(61) Jets: DE/OLB-Thaddeus Gibson
(62) Vikings: DT-Authur Jones
(63) Colts: C-Matt Tennant
(64) Saints: OLB-Jason Worilds


  1. Awesome mock David, I like it a lot.

  2. Not bad here's mine: 1. STL: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma- Two transactions by the Rams seem to be tipping their hand that they will select a quarterback with this pick: #1 signing veteran quarterback A.J. Feeley and signing defensive tackle Fred Robbins. With Feeley, the Rams get a veteran quarterback to help in the transition of their franchise quarterback, and with Robbins the Rams help fill a major need at defensive tackle.

    With that, it seems likely the Rams will pass on Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy and will take Sam Bradford The Rams franchise have not selected a quarterback in the 1st round since: 1962 when Roman Gabriel was selected #2 out of NCSU and in 1964 when the Los Angeles Rams took Bill Munson from USU and the last time they took a quarterback in round 2 was Tony Banks in 1996. For now, Sam Bradford seems a fait accompli that Bradford’s headed to St. Louis.

    2. DET: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
    With the Rams passing on Bradford, this pick would seem to be a no brainer. The Lions have been busy this offseason building their defensive line, but Suh would be the prized piece, and hopefully the piece that helps turn around a struggling defense. Just about the only other options are DT Gerald McCoy or OT Russell Okung.

    3. TB: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
    The Buccaneers would seem happy to settle on whichever defensive tackle falls to them. They may consider drafting safety Eric Berry, but Gerald McCoy would seem the obvious choice. He fills a major need and is considered by most to be the 2nd best prospect in this draft, only behind Ndamukong Suh.

    4. WAS: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State
    With Donovan McNabb a Redskins, this most likely ends the possibility of Jimmy Clausen going to D.C. With that, the Redskins will focus on protecting their quarterback, especially with the retirement of veteran Chris Samuels. Russell Okung is considered the top tackle in the draft, but Trent Williams is considered the better player for Mike Shanahan's zone blocking scheme, so the Redskins have to decide who they want. For now, I think they go with the more polished pass protector Okung.

    5. KC: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
    The Kansas City Chiefs invested millions in their franchise quarterback before last season. Now with the season over and Matt Cassel banged up, they may want to consider investing in his health. The Chiefs' current left tackle Branden Albert may be better on the right side and with the addition of Trent Williams would add a solid, young tackle combo and more importantly is a long term protection plan for its franchise quarterback.

  3. The rest is on

  4. 6. SEA: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa
    With the Seahawks giving Charlie Whitehurst $5 million, I assume it is to play rather than just hold a clipboard. Once Hasselbeck either gets hurt or gives way to the Clemson product, they better focus on protecting his blind side. With Walter Jones retired, the Seahawks need someone to protect whoever will be throwing the ball for Seattle. After a solid junior campaign and a great Combine, Bulaga looks to be the 3rd top tackle on the board. Seattle could also go with safety Eric Berry, but offensive tackle has far more value at this pick. Jimmy Clausen is still a long shot possibility if Carroll wishes to hedge his bet on Whitehurst.

    7. CLE: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
    With the recent trade to obtain cornerback Sheldon Brown from the Eagles, cornerback became less of a need and makes Joe Haden no longer a need at this spot. With the Brown's passing defense being absolutely atrocious, the Browns still should focus on the defensive backfield. The Browns fix it by taking the all-everything safety in Berry, who many consider to be as good as Ed Reed. Other possibilities include WR Dez Bryant and DE Jason Pierre-Paul

    8. OAK: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland
    Nothing is more exciting in making a mock draft than projecting who the heck Al Davis is going to pick. After a great athletic performance, Bruce Campbell certainly made especially, and probably especially toward Mr. Davis. Campbell is much rawer than some of the other tackles, but If there's a prototype "look" for a LT in the NFL, Campbell has it. He's got the length and athleticism to handle speed rushers off the edge, is good at keeping his feet under him, shows the lateral movement necessary to mirror and prevent lunging, sets up fairly quickly, has the ability to correct and recover, and he can get to the second level and be very effective in space.
    His ability to identify and engage defenders could be a real find for a team that runs a lot of screens. As a run blocker, he can seal well and possesses the strength to drive the defender back. He's a rock of an offensive tackle. He's got Dwight Howard shoulders and is probably the leanest offensive lineman in the draft.
    The buzz around Campbell began when he weighed in. Coming in at 6'6" with 36 1/4-inch arms, Campbell has as good of length as you'd want. Then, he stepped onto the field. He ran an official 40-yard dash time of 4.85 seconds. He also put up 34 reps in the 225-pound bench press.
    The Raiders could move down in the draft and still get their guy. This is a guy that the Raiders may feel have needed for some time. He could be a building block for the next decade, or Gallery 2.0. Campbell is projected to be drafted between picks 20-30, but those projections have never affected what Al Davis does. Another possibility is the freakish, but raw defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul or even Earl Thomas but with OT a bigger need, I say Campbell has the slight edge.
    9. BUF: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
    I know the Bills seemed to be on the Tim Tebow bandwagon, but I can't see them bypassing a chance to take Jimmy Clausen when they lack a franchise quarterback. By some opinions, Jimmy Clausen is the top quarterback in this draft. Offensive tackle is a major need, but Clausen's value at #9 is far, far greater than the 4th or 5th OT in this draft. At this position though, the Bills may try to trade down to try to get Clausen at a lower pick.

  5. 10. JAX: Joe Haden, CB, Florida
    Earl Thomas, S, Texas
    With the recent signing of Aaron Kampman, the Jaguars' greatest need is no longer defensive end. Now they can focus elsewhere especially on their defensive backfield. Safety and cornerbacks are both needs and with Joe Haden and Earl Thomas available there likely be some wrangling in the draft room will, as the Jaguars have a chance to fix one of the positions. The Jags drafted promising cornerback Derek Cox last year; Haden saved his draft stock from completely exploding by having a solid pro day at Florida. He may not ever be the pure shutdown cornerback, but he should be a very good corner.
    11. DEN: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State
    Last year, the Broncos shocked us by taking the offensive weapon Knowshon Moreno. This year, I expect the Broncos to do the same thing, but at the receiver position. There are many questions regarding the future of Brandon Marshall in Denver, and I think is a high probability that he will be playing somewhere else. However, even if Marshall stays, the Broncos are lacking in playmakers. Eddie Royal is a nice slot guy, but not a number one receiver. Despite his suspension, Dez Bryant is the top receiver in this draft.
    12. MIA: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
    With the Dolphins filling their major need at OLB by signing Karlos Dansby, the Dolphins are able to fill another major need and also get tremendous value at this pick. Rolando McClain is tempting, but a 3-4 ILB does not have the same value as a 3-4 NT. With Jason Ferguson suspended the first 8 games of the season and already 35 years old, the Dolphins need to find their future nose-tackle. Williams looks to be the top 3-4 nose-tackle in the draft. Wide receiver is another need, but with Dez Bryant off the board, there is little value at this spot.
    13. SF: Bryan Bulaga (6' 5" 312 lbs) is a very good technician, despite his below average wing-span, has great feet and uses superior leverage. With a major need at cornerback and the top cornerback still available, this pick just makes sense. RB C.J. Spiller is another possibility as is OG Mike Iupati.

    14. SEA: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson
    After drafting its franchise quarterback with the first pick, the Seahawks take their franchise running back in Spiller. Spiller is an amazing athlete, and probably will give Pete Carroll thoughts of Reggie Bush. However, Spiller looks be a possible number one back, in addition to a solid kick returner. Defensive end (Derrick Morgan) is another option as Patrick Kerney looks to be over the hill, and USC alum Lawrence Jackson has yet to develop.
    15. NYG: Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama
    For a team that did not make the playoffs, the Giants really do not have too many holes, at least on paper they don't. With the signing of Antrel Rolle, the Giants' no longer need a safety; it seems the Giants will hit the jackpot if Rolando McClain falls to them to replace Antonio Pierce at MLB. McClain should contend for defensive rookie of the year. He’s an instant playmaker who should start immediately. The only negative about McClain is that he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. However, it should not alter his draft stock or career.

  6. 16. TEN: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida
    There seems to be an undisputed decision around the internet that the Titans' number one priority is the defensive end position. He has more upside than anyone in this Draft, and the Titans need DEFENSE and DEFENSIVE ENDS at that! Brandon Graham will probably end up being a 3-4 OLB. Jason Pierre-Paul can be a great DE for the Titans and should start right away and take the place of Kyle Vanden Bosch Getting the top defensive end at pick 16 usually doesn't happen, so this is amazing value for the Titans.

    17. San Francisco 49ers: FS Earl Thomas could be the best pick, to shore up that defense for the next decade, OTs are abundant this year, and not much talent differential between the # 3, 4 and #5 with safety being a bigger need, they take Earl Thomas, who can also play cornerback, giving him extra value. ILB Rolando McClain is another possibility. If he’s available

    18. Pittsburgh Steelers: OG Mike Iupati (Idaho) It's no secret that the Steelers' offensive line is not the group of Pro Bowlers they had in the early 2000s. Iupati should help fix that, at least over the long term. Iupati has long arms, a great frame and enough strength to maul defensive linemen. But he is still raw in pass protection and lunges too much. Once he learns better technique, there are some scouts who think he could end up as a solid left or right tackle, but his best positions still appears to be guard. Iupati is the kind of talent who would give the Steelers a significant upgrade at guard, but it's not completely certain that he would be able to start from day one. Brandon Graham, Derrick Morgan and Kyle Wilson will also be considered.
    19. Atlanta Falcons OT Anthony Davis Thomas Dimitroff is a huge positional value guy and Davis could fit that description. He's been sliding lately because he was out of shape at the Combine and reportedly interviewed poorly, but there's no denying his talent level.

  7. 20. Houston Texans Devin McCourty Rutgers CB
    Dunta Robinson is gone! Enter Devin McCourty, perhaps most intriguing of top CB prospects in this year's draft. The Saints presented a usable formula for defending Manning in the Super Bowl that the other members of the AFC South had to be watching: very tight coverage in the defensive backfield all over the place.
    21. Jermaine Gresham, TE - The tight end hasn't a big part of Cincinnati's offense, but the prospect of having Jermaine Gresham as an option for Carson Palmer could sway the Bengals into drafting the dynamic Oklahoma product, which is even more like Kellen Winslow Sr. than Kellen Winslow Jr.
    22. Jared Odrick, DE/DT - The Patriots made a great move in acquiring Oakland's 2011 first-round pick for Richard Seymour. But New England now needs a replacement for Seymour. Jared Odrick may have seemed a bit less likely in the wake of the Damione Lewis signing, but as always Belichek thinks 2-3 years into the future.
    23. Green Bay Packers: Charles Brown, OT, USC
    Even in the wake of the Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher re-signings, Charles Brown is a value at this pick. Aaron Rodgers received much better pass protection since losing to the Buccaneers, but things ultimately fell apart in Arizona. Relying on Clifton to protect Rodgers' blind side for another year is not advisable. Green Bay's No. 1 priority this offseason is finding a top-notch left tackle for Rodgers. Ted Thompson usually opts to draft the best player available, and you can make the argument that Brown fits that distinction here.
    24. Eagles MLB/WLB Sean Weatherspoon: while Weatherspoon may or may not be able fit the middle of a 4-3 defense, the Eagles need help at linebacker. Whether Weatherspoon can fill the middle remains to be seen, but he is the athletic, ball-hawking linebacker the Eagles need on Week 1 next season.
    25. Baltimore Ravens Brandon Graham Michigan DE/OLB: 3-4 Cornerback is definitely a position of need for the Ravens, especially with Webb’s injury but Graham is seen as practically a clone of current Steelers OLB LaMarr Woodley. A player of that caliber is impossible to pass up. Graham is the type of player that can give you a game-changing play and will one day replace Suggs.

  8. 26. Arizona, Cardinals
    Great for AZ a pass-rushing phenomenon and a two-time All-Big 12 selection, Sergio Kindle could be on the steals of the draft. He possesses great burst, closes extremely well on the ball, has ideal height, length and speed to be a top-tier pass rusher in the NFL. Probably the most complete overall pass rushing prospect in this draft, as he can cover, play the run and rush the passer.
    27. Dallas Maurkice Pouncey, Florida, C Since the OTs and Iupati with a 1st round grade are off the board, Dallas selects a 3-position OL prospect (both OGs & OC) that solidifies the interior of their OL, as well as adding youth (all starters are over 30). Pouncey is smart, a technician (not to mention master of the shot-gun snap) and may move straight into OC, allowing Andre Gurode to play LG.
    28. San Diego Chargers At 5'11 5/8" 218 pounds Mathews could give the Bolts a power running game that they haven't had in a while. He was the nation’s leading rusher in 2009 with 1,808 yards and 19 TDs and he ran a 4.45 second forty at the combine, he is tough and smart, think of a faster Curtis Martin.
    29. New York Jets Everson Griffen DE/OLB is an interesting player, he's not your prototypical 4/3 LDE in this league. He is under sized for the position at 6'3 3/8"266, when you normally would see and prefer a 6'5" 285 or bigger player for this position, but he ran 4.66 and 4.63, he did 32 bench reps he has 32 5/8" arms he can be dominant and he can disappear, high bust potential but he could be a better version of Hugh Douglas. Of the top DE/OLB “conversion” guys only Kindle is as good in pass drops, a real “onions” pick. But what else are the current Jets known for?
    30. Minnesota Vikings: USC’s Taylor Mays probably would have been the first safety selected in last year’s draft but he chose to return for his senior season and that opened up his game to excessive scrutiny. The most common criticism is that Mays doesn’t make enough big plays in coverage (i.e. interceptions) but it’s important to keep in mind that he’s more of a big hitter than a playmaker. Is Bob Sanders any less a great player than Ed Reed because he only has six career picks? Of course not, they’re just different types of players. A great athlete with an amazing blend of size 6’3” 230 and speed (4.34-4.43), Mays epitomizes the phrase “Hits Like a Linebacker, Runs Like a Cornerback”.
    31. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Brian Price, UCLA DT, This 2009 PAC-10 defensive player of the year will either provide exceptional depth for the line, he is a classic 3-technique, 1-gap penetrator.

  9. 33 St. Louis
    Demaryius Thomas*
    Georgia Tech
    6' 3" 229
    34 Detroit
    Arrelious Benn WR
    U of IL
    6’1” 219
    35 Tampa Bay
    Carlos Dunlap DE
    Florida 6' 5" 277
    36 Kansas City
    Rodger Saffold
    6' 4.5" 305
    37 Philadelphia
    Jerry Hughes
    6' 1" 249
    38 Cleveland
    Colt McCoy Texas QB 6’1.1” 216
    39 Oakland
    Brandon Ghee
    Wake Forest
    6' 0" 190
    40 San Diego
    Tyson Alualu
    6' 3" 288
    41 Buffalo
    Jonathan Dwyer*
    Georgia Tech
    6' 1" 235
    42 Tampa Bay
    Nate Allen FS South Florida 6’0.6” 207
    43 Miami
    Jahvid Best*
    5' 9.7" 198
    44 New England
    Golden Tate*
    Notre Dame
    5' 10.4" 199
    45 Denver
    Daryl Washington
    6' 1" 229
    46 NY Giants
    Ricky Sapp
    6' 4" 242
    47 New England
    Sean Lee
    Penn State
    6' 2" 237
    48 Carolina
    Jevan Snead*
    6' 3" 215
    49 San Francisco
    Chad Jones*
    6' 2" 219
    50 Kansas City
    Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    6' 0.5" 207

  10. 51 Houston
    Devin McCourty
    5' 11" 190
    52 Pittsburgh Alex Carrington DE, Arkansas State

    53 New England
    Navorro Bowman*
    Penn State
    6' 1" 23
    54 Cincinnati, Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona
    6'5" 265
    55 Philadelphia
    Morgan Burnett*
    Georgia Tech
    6' 1" 210
    56 Green Bay
    Patrick Robinson
    Florida State
    5' 11" 194
    57 Baltimore
    Jimmy Graham
    6' 7" 256

    58 Arizona DE Corey Wootton, Northwestern 6'6" 272

    59 Dallas

    60 Seattle Joe McKnight*
    RB, USC 5'11.1" 199

    61 NY Jets
    John Jerry OG, Mississippi 6'5.3" 328
    2 Minnesota, Kareem Jackson*
    5' 11" 192

    63 Indianapolis
    Kyle Calloway
    6' 7" 318

    64 New Orleans
    Reshad Jones, S, Georgia 6' 2" 212
    PICK #65 The Rams Pick:
    Rob Gronkowski (TE, Arizona)

    PICK #66 The Lions Pick:
    Rodger Saffold (OT, Indiana)

    PICK #67 The Buccaneers Pick:
    Eric Norwood (LB, South Carolina)

    PICK #68 The Redskins Pick:
    [Pick Used In Supplemental Draft]

    PICK #69 The Chiefs Pick:
    Ricky Sapp (DE, Clemson)

    PICK #70 The Raiders Pick:
    Tony Pike (QB, Cincinnati)

    PICK #71 The Eagles Pick:
    Chris Cook, CB, Virginia

    PICK #72 The Browns Pick:
    Reshad Jones (S, Georgia)

    PICK #73 The Bills Pick:
    Selvish Capers (OT, West Virginia)

    PICK #74 The Dolphins Pick:
    Linval Joseph (DT, East Carolina)

    PICK #75 The Jaguars Pick:
    Carlton Mitchell (WR, South Florida)

    PICK #76 The Bears Pick:
    Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois

    PICK #77 The Giants Pick:
    Vladimir DuCasse (OT, Massachusetts)

    PICK #78 The Titans Pick:CB Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State

    PICK #79 The Panthers Pick:
    D'Anthony Smith (DT, Louisiana Tech)

    PICK #80 The 49ers Pick:
    Kareem Jackson (CB, Alabama)

    PICK #81 The Broncos Pick:
    Greg Hardy (DE, Mississippi)

    PICK #82 The Texans Pick:Anthony Dixon TB/FB Mississippi State

    PICK #83 The Steelers Pick:
    Kam Chancellor (S, Virginia Tech)

    PICK #84 The Falcons Pick:
    Matt Tennant (C, Boston College)

    PICK #85 The Bengals Pick:
    Jimmy Graham (TE, Miami (FL))

    PICK #86 The Browns Pick:
    Amari Spievey (CB, Iowa)

    PICK #87 The Packers Pick:
    Joe McKnight (HB, USC)

    PICK #88 The Eagles Pick:
    Jason Fox (OT, Miami (FL))

    PICK #89 The Cardinals Pick:
    Dorin Dickerson (TE,H-Back Pittsburgh)

    PICK #90 The Cardinals Pick:
    Koa Misi (DE/OLB Utah)

    PICK #91 The Cowboys Pick:
    Javier Arenas (CB, Alabama)

    PICK #92 The Chargers Pick:
    Lamarr Houston (DE, Texas)

    PICK #93 The Browns Pick:
    TE Anthony McCoy TE USC

    PICK #94 The Vikings Pick:
    Donovan Warren (CB, Michigan)

    PICK #95 The Colts Pick:
    Dominique Franks (CB, Oklahoma)

    PICK #96 The Saints Pick:
    Jeff Owens (DT, Georgia)

    PICK #97 The Bengals Pick:
    Jordan Shipley (WR, Texas)

    PICK #98 The Titans Pick:
    Dezmon Briscoe (WR, Kansas)

    PICK #99 The Falcons Pick:
    Myron Lewis (CB, Vanderbilt)