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Friday, May 14, 2010

We Are All Witnesses Now

Man oh man oh man! What did we just "WITNESS" from supposedly the best player in the NBA? I need all of the Lebron fans and supporters to take your Lebron rose colored glasses off before you read the rest of this and be honest with yourself. Lebron is a great player who is highly skilled and physically gifted, but that's where it stops. He lacks the drive and mental toughness that all true NBA superstars have had and displayed in their career during the regular season, playoffs and especially in close out games. Despite what Magic Johnson, ESPN and NBA fans love to say loud and proud, Lebron is NOT the best player in the NBA. In order to be called the best player in the NBA, you must be the complete package which Lebron isn't. Scoring a triple double at will, having a shoe deal, endorsements, a movie and wearing number 23, doesn't make you the best player in the NBA. Kobe Bryant is still the best player in the NBA and will be until Lebron proves that he is a true superstar and not just look like one. He is what he is folks.............a great player.

Two years straight Lebron has led the Cavaliers to the best record in the NBA, won the MVP award, and has come up short of the NBA Finals and a NBA championship. Last years lost was more excusable and understandable than this years. The Orlando Magic were a better all around team than the Cavaliers and due to the fact that Mike Brown isn't a very good coach, they were able to close out the Cavs. This years playoff series/team is a different story.......They had a really good team, one that many said was the best team in the NBA, and a team that people were instantly putting in the NBA Finals after the Jamieson trade. I never considered the Cavs a championship team because despite the trades and additions, they were offensively, defensively and mentally the same team. Even though they may have had talent, they still had short comings that typically get exposed in the playoffs during a seven game series. In the first round of the playoffs things looked fine, but once the real playoffs began, the real Cavs were shown to the world. Mike Brown got out coached, Lebron didn't show up and do what superstars do, and the team as a whole gave up which is a reflection of what their leader (Lebron) did.

I can understand getting beat, that happens in sports, but mentally checking out as many people have reported is inexcusable. After game five there were many reports by many media outlets that during timeouts he wasn't listening and he was starring off into the crowd and Shaq was the one encouraging the team to man up and play. Not only did he not pay attention and seem disinterested during timeouts, but it showed on the court. You would have never seen nor heard of this happening with Stockton, Malone, Ewing or Barkley who are former NBA superstars that never won a ring, but gave it their all to try and win anywhere, anytime.............. especially in the playoffs.

As a Cavs fan and as a Lebron fan, you have to really be upset and disappointed of what you just witnessed over the past five days. Now Cavs/Lebron fans have three months of wondering where and when will Lebron sign a new contract, and if it will be with Cleveland or another team. Personally I really don't care because in my book, once a quitter always a quitter and no matter where he goes he will do this again. Maybe quit is a harsh word, but I cant put faith in someone or call them "the best player in the NBA" who I know wont fight tooth and nail to the end. His legacy hasn't been written in stone yet, but he is seven years in of his NBA career and year seven has ended in a very foul way that leaves us with a lot of questions. Enjoy your summer Cleveland and enjoy the NBA Finals and make sure to "Witness" what the true #1 player in the NBA does. I am sure Lebron will.

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  1. Good blog and I couldn't agree with you more. Maybe next season Lebron will have a better coach regardless if he's in Cleveland or not.