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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Draft Grades and Analysis

Draft Grade: C
Notable Picks: Dan Williams, Daryl Washington, Andre Roberts

Analysis: The Cardinals were hit hard this off season by free agency and retirement which left them with alot of holes to fill. They started out well in the draft by getting Dan Williams and trading up to get a "run and hit" linebacker in Daryl Washington. After that they reached alot instead of trading back and acquiring more pics to fill needs especially in the secondary. Then they traded Bryant McFadden which weakened their secondary even more. SMH!!...... Andre Roberts could be a "reach" pick that may become the hidden gem of the draft.

Draft Grade: C
Notable Picks: Sean Witherspoon, Dominique Franks, Mike Johnson

Analysis: Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta...... Sean Witherspoon, Dominique Franks and Mike Johnson are all great to good picks, but they still didn't address the need for a pass rusher in this draft. I realize that they didn't have many picks, but that's not excuse for any GM or coach to have going into nor during a draft. Sean Witherspoon is really the only stud that they drafted, which in a division with the Saints...........You need to come out of the draft with more than one top player.

Draft Grade: A
Notable Picks: Terrance Cody, Sergio Kindle, Ed Dickson, Dennis Pitta, Art Jones

Analysis: The year that Baltimore does NOT have a great draft, is the year that Ozzie Newsome is either retired or dead. The Ravens had a great draft despite the fact that they didn't have a first round pick since they traded it away to recoup picks that they gave up for Boldin. They were already pretty loaded coming into the draft, now they have made themselves into an very deep and even more talented team especially on defense. Terrance Cody and Sergio Kindle alone will make that Ravens defense scary to go up against week in and week out. Only issue I have with their draft is that they didn't address the secondary which got exploited routinely last year. If they can shore up their secondary, they are the team to beat in the AFC North without a doubt.

Draft Grade: B-
Notable Picks: C.J Spiller, Alex Carrington

Analysis: Chan Gailey's first draft as the Bills head coach was good but not great. I almost gave him a "C" but I cant fault him for drafting for need, although he did wait til the 5th round to address the LT position with a "prospect" type of LT. The C.J. Spiller pick was a head scratch er, but there is no way you don't draft the next Marshall Faulk/Chris Johnson even with RB not being a need. Alex Carrington and Troupe are great fits for the 3/4 defense that Buffalo will be running, but Troupe is a reach for where he was drafted and who was still left. Some wonder why they didn't draft a QB higher in the draft like Clausen or Colt. Truth be told, the GM in Buffalo used to be in San Diego during Drew Brees last two years in San Diego. One year Brees lead them to a 4-12 record, then a 12-4 record the next season. The only thing that had changed was the talent around him and him getting better. So they think they have a starting QB in Buffalo and weren't gonna waste a high pick on a QB.

Draft Grade: C-
Notable Picks: Jimmy Clausen, Eric Norwood, Brandon LaFell

Analysis: The Panthers draft could have gone better than it did and actually ended badly when you look at the fact that they gave up two picks next year. Clausen was a no brainer pick once it came time for them to pick. Despite having other pressing needs, they do need a franchise QB because we aren't sure if Moore is that guy. Eric Norwood is an very underrated linebacker that has the skill set to be a very good player for them. Brandon LaFell is a big WR that is a great compliment to Steve Smith and gives them a nice duo at WR. Now the Tony Pike pick and the trading away of picks are the things that make you wonder whats going on in Carolina. John Fox is already on thin ice so why draft two young QBs to go along with Moore when Fox may not even be there after this year to develop them? That was a wasted pick and could have been used to fill another need.

Draft Grade: C+
Notable Picks: Major Wright, Corey Wooten, Dan LeFevour

Analysis: Chicago had a pretty decent draft considering that they didn't have many picks at all. Major Wright is a perfect fit for that "Tampa Two" defense that Chicago runs. Corey Wooten is also another great fit to play on the other side of Julius Peppers. The Dan LeFevour pick was a great value pick, but not a need since they just gave up two number ones for Cutler last year. That pick should have been used on Dan's teammate Eric Decker or Carlton Mitchell who both would have been excellent targets for Cutler.

Draft Grade: A
Notable Picks: Jermaine Gresham, Carlos Dunlap, Jordan Shipley, Roddrick Muckelroy, Geno Atkins

Analysis: Marvin Lewis possibly had his best draft ever as an head coach in Cincy. Gresham and Shipley will help bolster that offense which will help them stay in games in this "pass happy" league that the NFL has become. Muckelroy and Atkins are great additions to help that defense which struggled due to injuries last year especially on the defensive line. Carlos Dunlap is the key defensive addition to that side of the ball because they need pass rushers badly. The Bengals have solidified themselves as a contender in the AFC North, although i don't see them making the playoffs this year.

Draft Grade: B
Notable Picks: Joe Haden, Colt McCoy, Carlton Mitchell

Analysis: Mike's first draft as the HNIC in Cleveland went well, but he reached with his first pick on Joe Haden. Sorry, Haden is good but there were other corners who were better than him available in the draft. I cant see how you spend the number 7 pick on a corner who doesn't have speed. A corner who goes in the top 10 needs to have all of the tools not just some. Mike should have traded back and picked up more picks and he still could have gotten a top corner. T.J. Ward is another player that was a reach and the browns should have traded back again. The Colt McCoy pick is a perfect fit for the browns and their west coast offense, and he will become the "face" of the Cleveland Browns franchise. One tidbit to remember, Joe Montana who had the same skill set as McCoy was also drafted in the 3rd round and was coached by none other than Mike Holmgren. Carlton Mitchell is someone that you need to remember. This guy is tall, big and fast and has the ability to stretch the field vertically. Colt and Mitchell will be causing major headaches for defensive coordinators for years to come.

Draft Grade: C-
Notable Picks: Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

Analysis: Jerry Jones moves up three spots to get Dez Bryant and then he took the rest of the weekend off, or so it seems. No one besides wishful Cowboy fans really thought that Dallas would have a chance to get Dez, and the fact that it actually happened makes me wanna go play the state lottery tonight. Sean Lee is a good pick but wasn't really a good fit for that defense when there were better 3/4 linebackers still available. Akwasi is a great corner for their defense and helps bolster a secondary that looked great last year until Favre ripped them in the playoffs. They did address the offensive line, but with a player who may not become a starter for another couple of years. They need a LT like NOW!! If Dallas cant keep Romo off the ground or running for his life like Aaron Rodgers was last year, it wont matter is they have Dez Bryant or not. Cowboy fans, don't start buying super bowl tickets just yet...........if you do, don't get your hopes up too high on the Boys playing in it.

Draft Grade: B-
Notable Picks: Demaryious Thomas, Tim Tebow, Eric Decker, Zane Beadles

Analysis: Lets be honest here.......4 years from now, this draft is and will be graded solely on one player.............Tim Tebow. All the other pics Josh made were solid picks that filled needs as he continues to rebuild this team in a very efficient way. Josh's ego seems to get in the way of some of the things that he does during the off season, and for the second year in a row we saw it happen again. I think Tebow will become a good QB and I also feel that Denver is the best place for him. I just don't understand the logic of passing up picks that address needs for a player that wont be ready to play for another 3 years and isn't a position of pressing need. This pick may get Josh fired if Tebow doesn't pan out in 3 or 4 years. Tebow should not have been drafted in the second round at best. As mentioned earlier, all the other pics were solid picks who can contribute right away. Parrish Cox and Eric Decker are great hidden gems that will excel in Denver on the defensive and offensive sides of the ball respectively. Demaryious Thomas could end up being a bust though.....the kid has a handful of question marks concerning his skills and whether or not they will translate to the pro game.

Draft Picks: A
Notable Picks: Ndamukong Suh, Javid Best, Amari Spievey

Analysis: The first round pick was a no brainer, anything other than Suh would have been a absolute crazy pick. Suh is hands down the best defensive tackle in this draft, he is the complete package and its not even up for discussion. Them moving up to get Javid Best at the bottom of the first round was a great move to assure that they get the most instinctive runner in the draft. Javid has C.J. Spiller/ Chris Johnson skills and will give Stafford another option in Detroit. Amari is a good physical corner who is an great addition to that defense and helps give them a solid corner in a secondary that is short on playmakers. For the second year in a row Detroit put together another really good draft. They have turned things around in Detroit quickly through the draft and through smart free agency moves.

Green Bay
Draft Grade: C-
Notable Picks: Bryan Bulaga, Morgan Burnett

Analysis: Green Bay ended up being the benefactor of alot of first round trades with teams moving back and forth in the draft to grab highly coveted players. One of those players though wasn't Bryan Bulaga which fell to the Packers at number 23. Now Ted Thompson has a reputation of drafting the best player available on the board except for last year and this year. Bulaga fills a need that the Packers severely needed to address. Morgan Burnett who they got later in the draft is a safety with ball hawk skills who will be the starter from day one. He simply is just better and more athletic than anyone that Green Bay has at safety now. The Packers secondary has some issues and they didn't draft a corner this year, but putting a guy like Burnett at safety will help that secondary. Mike Neal is a talented DT but he is more suited for a 4/3 defense which the Packers don't run a 4/3. He could possibly play the 5 technique DE position for them, but he doesn't really have that skill set nor ever showed it in college. The rest of the Packers draft was less than impressive, but i have never seen a Packers draft that ever was. Somehow, they keep being a contender year in and year out despite not being aggressive in free agency or the draft.

Draft Grade: B-
Notable Picks: Kareem Jackson, Ben Tate, Dorin Dickerson

Analysis: Texans are a team that typically draft for need and don't ever go with the best player available on the board in the early rounds. If they do then they need to fire their scouting department, because even though I love Kareem Jackson.....Kyle Wilson has a better skill set. Kareem will be a great asset to the Texans secondary which is the Texans achilles heel along with a run stopping DT. The Ben Tate pick is one of the many steals of the draft along with Dorin Dickerson, which Kubiak needs to send Josh McDaniels an gift basket for not drafting Dorin. Josh traded up to get two more picks in the seventh round which one was before Houston and they passed on Dorin who is a Shannon Sharpe clone. Houston plans to convert him to a wide out which is cool, another big wide out with 4.4 speed to go with Andre Johnson will cause match up problems for teams. Tate is a big physical, one cut runner who runs with authority and power and has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He ran a 4.37 at the combine but according to some, he doesn't always play at his combine speed. Another thing that Houston did was draft another tight end from the Wisconsin which makes you wonder if they are concerned about Owen Daniels knee.

One thing that pissed me off about Houston's draft is their inability or reluctance to trade up or trade back in the first round of the draft. Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking when they take a player like Kareem Jackson over Kyle Wilson or Dan Williams in the first round. If Kareem was their man, why not trade back and get additional picks? Kareem is a great kid, but he had a second round grade and the other top corners rated ahead of him (Wilson and McCourty) were still on the board. So he would have been there later in the draft. All in all the Texans did well as usual in the draft, they just do things that make you wonder whats going on in the war room.

Draft Grade: C
Notable Picks: Jerry Hughes, Pat Angerer, Brody Eldridge

Analysis: As usual, the Colts had a quiet draft that people ignore til the season starts and they have unknown players routinely making big plays. Jerry Hughes is a great pick for them but I wasn't too crazy about it. I felt they could have gotten a player who could become a full time starter and make a bigger impact than what Hughes will. Hughes is no doubt one of the top 25 players in the draft, but he plays a position that Indy already has pro bowlers at. Instead of drafting Hughes, they could have gotten a starting corner to replace Marlon Jackson who they lost in free agency. Pat Angerer doesn't do anything special that makes you notice him immediately, but he is a Zack Thomas type of LB that is solid and can make plays. Brody Eldridge is a blocking tight end who is a bruiser and very physical at the point of attack. He will give the Colts some physicality in their run game. The rest of their picks were ho-hum, but come October I'm sure they will prove their worth. They did a pretty good job of filling needs.

Draft Grade: F
Note able Picks: Tyson Alualu, D'Anthony Smith

Analysis: I am starting to wonder if Jacksonville wants to be a playoff team and a super bowl contender or not. They are a middle of the road team with average talent on both sides of the ball and they didn't do anything in this draft to change that. They have a history of drafting small school players, some they have hit on and many they have not hit on. They need to change their draft strategy if they want to become a winner and I am sure the fans wish they do also. Tyson Alualu is a really good player, but not a top 10 draft pick type talent. Once again you have a situation in which a team reached on a player when they should have traded back and acquired more picks. D'Anthony Smith was a good addition to that defensive line that they are trying to rebuild as evident by their draft. Jack Del Rio is gonna wish that he took that job at USC, because I don't see him being in Jacksonville after this season. They still don't have talent to compete in a tough AFC.

Kansas City
Draft Grade: A-
Notable Picks: Eric Berry, Dexter McCluster, Javier Arenas, Jon Asamoah, Tony Moeaki

Analysis: Scott Pioli did something out character and took a safety with a 1st round pick. I don't blame him though, Eric Berry is the real deal and you can pass on the next Ed Reed or Troy Palamalu. McCluster will be a valuable weapon for Charlie Weis to use in his offense and gives them a play maker on the offensive side of the ball which they don't have many of. Asamoah fills the void that they have on the offensive line and Moeaki is a really good blocking tight end that will help in the run game. Javier Arenas is a corner from Bama and like most Bama players, he knows how to play defense since Nick Sabin runs a pro style defense in Bama. They didn't get any linebackers which is a need of theirs, but they may be able to get some through free agency to hold them over til next year.

Draft Grade: B-
Notable Picks: Jared Odrick, Koa Misi, Reshad Jones

Analysis: Miami made some great selections in the draft, but at times you wondered what was going on with them because it wasn't a typical Parcells type of draft. There draft was an all defense draft which is very Parcells like. There first selection of Jared Odrick is a solid pick for them to play the 5 technique in their 3/4 defense. Koa Misi is a speed demon DE is possibly the fastest DE in the draft this year and is one of those "tweener" type of DEs who end up being OLBs in a 3/4 defense. Reshad Jones is a safety who is an explosive hitter with exceptional ball skills and will help solidify that shaky secondary. Miami filled every need except they didn't address the WR position, but I'am sure that will be addressed before the season starts.

Draft Grade: C
Notable Picks: Chris Cook, Toby Gerhart, Everson Griffen

Analysis: Minnesota is a team with very few needs and did what most teams in their position do during the draft, trade back and acquire future picks. Their second round pick of Toby Gerhart is a questionable one. He is a bruising running back with a versatile skill set, but isn't a good compliment for Adrian Peterson in that offense. The thing that made the Vikings so dangerous last year was that Taylor could do everything Peterson could do and more. I cant say that Toby can do everything Taylor and Peterson can do even with his all around skills. Chris Cook isn't the best corner that was available when the Vikings picked him, but he is a rangy cover man that will excel in the Vikings zone scheme. Everson Griffen dropped further than expected and may end up being a steal if he can be consistent and keep his nose clean which is something he couldn't do at USC. The Vikings didn't do anything stupid and didn't do anything that made you take notice except for the Toby pick. Very solid draft for an very solid team. Now the question that we will hear for the next few months is whether or not Favre is coming back.

New England
Draft Grade: A+
Notable Picks: Devin McCourty, Rob Gronkowski, Jermaine Cunnigham, Brandon Spikes, Taylor Price, Aaron Hernandez, Zac Robinson, Brandon Deaderick

Analysis: My boy Bill Belichek did what he always does and showed exactly why he is one of the greatest coaches of all time. Bill came into the draft with 12 picks and did some serious damage and made several trades to acquire future picks. Every need and even needs that they didnt even have were addressed and were done so with picks that were perfect fits for that team and their system. Devon McCourty fills a void in the secondary that got exploited way too much last year. He is a cover corner who many thought was the best pure cover corner in the draft over Joe Haden. The two tight ends of Gronkowski and Hernandez are players who have versatile skill sets that will give Belichek and Brady multiple ways to torture defenses. Brandon Spikes is a typical Belichek tpe of linebacker with a nasty streak who is physical and a great run stopper. His only problem is that he may get exposed in coverage. Taylor Price is an speedy, athletic wideout with big play ability. Jermaine Cunnigham wasnt a big name at Florida becasue of all of the stars that team had, but he is a solid player with a veratile skillset and the typical hybrid type of Patriot player. Zac Robninson was a really good pick also who fits that offense to a T and will end up being the second string QB behind Brady and eventually the starter once Brady leaves. New England was New England in this years draft and I would have to say this is possibly their most complete draft class ever.

New Orleans
Draft Picks: A-
Notable Picks: Patrick Robinson, Charles Brown, Jimmy Graham, Al Woods, Matt Tennant

Analysis: The super bowl champs didnt have many pics and traded away some pics but they found a way to address all of their needs. Patrick Robinson gives them depth in the secondary and a defense that was ranked 25th in the NFL. It also allows them to move Malcom Jenkins to safety which is is best suited for and may also be the end of them resigning Darren Sharper. Jimmy Graham was an intriguing and really good pick up for them. He is extremely atheltica nd will give them another weapon in the red zone this season and years to come. Matt Tennant and Charles Brown are two highly rated offensive linemen who give more depth to that offensive line and will compete for starting jobs. The Al Woods pick was a pick that will help them be able to stop the run since they had a hard time doing that last year. Now lets see is these draft picks help them to repeat as super bowl champs this year.

New York Giants
Draft Picks: B+
Notable Picks: Jason Pierre-Paul, Linval Joseph, Chad Jones, Phillip Dillard, Mitch Petrus

Analysis: The Giants have become back page news in the city of New York and somewhat of an forgotten team around the country thanks to the Jets making headlines every week. Their draft was the same way, they made some really good selections but they were quickly ignored once the next team after them was on the clock. Pierre-Paul is a freak of an athlete who is very raw but his upside is extremely high. Mnay people compare him to Javon Kearse which he very well could end up becoming the next Kearse. One thing that the Giants couldn't do last year was stop the run, well Linval Joeseph will fix that major issue. He is the classic nose tackle with the strength and power to command double teams and hold up at the point of attack. Chad Jones adds talent to their secondary and he has the skillset to be a ball hawk given his range and athletcism. Phillip Dillard is an athletic linebacker who should compete for the starting job and will be a good replacement for Pierce. Petrus is an very strong guard who should allow the Giants once again become a dominat running team. My only issue with the Giants draft is they didnt pick up another running back or any help for a shaky seecondary.

New York Jets
Draft Grades: C
Notable Picks: Kyle Wilson, Vlad Ducasse

Analysis: The Jets have had a great offseason, but their draft isnt anything to write home about. They didnt have many picks and only filled one need whick was with the selection of Vlad Ducasse. Vlad will be moved to guard which he is best suited for with his skill set at this point and time and he is a developmental prospect. Kyle Wilson was a great value draft pick whick will give Rex even more flexability with his defensive scheme. Overall their draft wasn't impressive, just ok and they didn't get what they needed. It seems as if Rex doesn't understand that you build through the draft and put the finishing touches on your roster through free agency.

Draft Grades: A
Notable Picks: Rolando McClain, Lamarr Houston, Jared Veldheer, Bruce Campbell

Analysis: Intelligence, Patience, Poise and Restraint was something that the Raiders showed during all three days of the draft. I wonder if part of the Randy Moss trade with New England was for Bill Belichek to run the 2010 draft for the raiders. Their draft was New England like minus the trades to pick up extra picks. Rolando McClain and Lamarr Houston are solid defensive players who will strengthen that defense up the middle for years to come. Jason Veldheer who is highly underrated LT and Bruce Campbell are two offensive lineman that will solidify that offensive line and give Jason Campbell the protection he needs. The raiders were already a very talented team and they just got even more talented on both sides of the ball with this draft and with the trade for Jason Campbell. As I mentioned on day 2 of the draft on twitter, the raiders are the second best team in the AFC West now.

Draft Grade: A
Notable Picks: Brandon Graham, Nathaniel Allen, Trevard Lindley, Clay Harbor, Ricky Sapp, Riley Cooper, Charles Scott

Analysis: I know Philly fan isn't too pleased with the eagles draft, but we are talking about Philly fan here and not degreed professionals. The eagles had a great draft also and to be honest it is almost just as good as the New England Patriots who had possibly the best draft class in his draft. The eagles made lots of trades and picked up additional picks while acquring really good talented players along the way. Brandon Graham, Ricky Sapp, Nathaniel Allen and Trevor Lindley are all really good draft picks which will fill holes and add depth to a defense that was less than stellar last year. Clay Harbor and Riley Cooper will give Kolb a couple of big pass catching offensive skilled athletes to make Philly's offense more diverse than before. The addition of Charles Scott is huge and I hope Andy Reid will call more than his customary 5 running plays a game. Scott is a big, bruising, punishing one cut runnig back that will bring a physical style of running game that the eagles have never had but have needed. Philly fan, you guys need to chill and let this young talented team flourish and do what they have the talent to do. Win games and possibly championships.

Draft Grade: B-
Notable Picks: Maurkice Pouncey, Jason Worilds, Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Scott, Jonathan Dwyer

Analysis: Steeltown had a very productive draft by adding five very players who should be highly prodcutive for them, and several players who give them depth. Some questioned why they selected so many OLBs, but as anyone who knows about football will tell you. It takes 2 or 3 years for college DEs to convert to OLBs in the NFL. Harrison, Porter, Woodley are just some exapmles of that, plus in the 3/4 defense you cant ever have enough OLBs. Jason Worlids is the prize of the OLBs that they drafted. He is one of those "tweener" DEs that has the perfect, violent skillset to be a OLB in a 3/4 defense. Maurkice Pouncey and Chris Scott are two interior lineman who will help keep Big Ben upright just as long as he doesnt hold on to the ball too long as he normally does. Jonathan Dwyer is a big physical type of running back like Barry Foster who along with Mendenhall will bring a punishing, physical style back to the steelers running game. Emmanuel Sanders is an explosive wide out who is a big play guy and will flourish in their wide open pass attack. Now we will see how they put all of these pieces together and get through the Big Ben suspension this season.

San Diego
Draft Grade: C
Notable Picks: Ryan Matthews, Cam Thomas

Analysis: I dont really understand what the chargers were trying to do in the draft his year besides get a franchise running back which they did that. Ryan Matthews is a franchise running back who runs alot like Ladanian Tomlinson. The chargers had to move up ahead of Houston to get him because there was no secret that Houston wanted Matthews. As soon as they announced that the chargers had traded up, I knew who they were going for and I think everyone knew who they were going for.....Ryan Matthews. Cam Thomas is the prototypical 3/4 DT which helps them fill the void. At the end of the day though, they didn't draft anyone that I can see helping them anytime soon, nor did they fill any other needs.

San Francisco
Draft Grade: A
Notable Picks: Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, Taylor Mays, Navarro Bowman, Anthony Dixon

Analysis: Mike Singletary is putting his finger prints all over this team and franchise, the are no longer the forty-niners of old. Through the draft this team has become a physical, no nonsense type of team that will be dominant in the NFC for years to come. Anthony David and Mike Iupati are two offensive lineman that will give the forty-niners a dominant offensive line that will impose its will on teams. With 6th round pick Anthony Dixon being an powerful, lip busting type of running back running behind that offensive line along with Frank Gore, they are gonna be soething serious to deal with. Navarro Bowman is a really good linebacker who had a 1st round grade but fell to the 3rd round possibly due to some off the field issues at Penn State. Taylor Mays is pissed at Pete Carrol and now will get to remind Pete just how good of an NFL player he will be despite his short commings. The forty-niners had one of the best drafts this weekend and their haul of talent makes them the team to beat in the NFC West.

Draft Grade: A+
Notable Picks: Russell Okung, Earl Thomas, Golden Tate, Kam Chancellor, Anthony McCoy

Analysis: Pete Carrol's first draft since coming back into the NFL was an success, especially if you look at him getting LenDale White and Leon Washington for low picks. To be honest, I am not surprised that Pete was able to do what he did this past weekend. Pete has always been able to get talent going all the way back to his head coaching days inth NFL before he left to coach USC. The question is will his rah rah attitude work with the players this time around, last time it didnt. Okung and Earl Thomas are the gems of the seattle draft, no need explaining why. Anthony McCoy and Golden Tate are good additions to the offensive side of the ball to go along with T.J. McCoy is an highly skilled tight end that needs to keep his nose clean, but Pete may be the right guy to help him do that since McCoy played for Pete at USC. Getting Kam Chancellor to go along with Earl Thomas gives them two really good safeties who are both ball hawks and will make it hard for QBs to get away with mistakes.

St. Louis
Draft Grade: B-
Notable Picks: Sam Bradford, Rodger Saffold, Mardy Gilyard, Jerome Murphy

Analysis: Selecting Sam Bradford was a no brainer despite my personal feelings on him and his potential pro career. The rest of their draft was solid but wasnt anything to write home about. Saffold, Murphy and Gilyard are good picks for them, but I felt that they could have gotten better players at the time that they drafted those guys. If anything they should have traded back and aquired more picks. This is a team that doesn't have any talent on either side of the ball besides Steven Jackson and Chris Long on defense. So additional picks for either this year or next would have been great.

Tampa Bay
Draft Grade: B+
Notable Picks: Gerald McCoy, Brian Price, Arrelious Benn, Myron Lewis, Mike Williams, Dekoda Watson

Analysis: Tampa Bay had a really, really good draft that gives that young team alot of talent that will help them become a good team very soon. Gerald McCoy and Brian Price are two great draft selections that will give them a DT combination similar to Warren Sapp and Booger McFarlane back in the day. Dekoda Watson is a fast, aggressive, athletic OLB that is a great fit for that defense and Myron Lewis is the cover corner that Tampa has been missing and will need to replace Barber. Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams are two wide outs who are gonna both be great wideouts in the league and give their new young QB Josh Freeman some talent on offense along with Cadillac Williams. The Bucs came out looking nice after this draft, they are a young rebuilding team who has taken advantage of a very deep draft this year.

Draft Grade: B-
Notable Picks: Derrick Morgan, Damian Williams, Myron Rolle

Analysis: Every year the titans draft the exact same players at the exact same positions and sometimes from the exact same schools. Getting Derrick Morgan was key for them since they lost Vandenbausch, but everyone knows that they wanted Pierre-Paul. Rennie Curran is a linebacker who will make a huge impact on that defense with the loss of key players at the linebacker position leaving this off season. They gave Vince Young another weapon at the wide out postion by getting Damian Williams who is an extremely athletic and fact WR who can also help in the return game. He doesn't do anything special, but he will cause problems for many defenses if they ignore him. Myron Rolle is a nice addition but he will have to make his impact in the NFL on special teams becasue he doesn't have the skill set to really make an impact as a starter in this league.

Draft Grade: C
Notable Picks: Trent Williams, Perry Riley, Selvish Capers

Analysis: Shanny had a nice weekend filling needs on the O-line with the selections of Trent Williams and Selvish Capers which is what they severly needed. Two tackles to protect McNabb and can excel in the zone blocking scheme that Washington will run to open holes in the running game. Perry Riley is a nice linebacker for them to have to insert into that 3/4 defense they are gonna be running now. I think they could have done better with that selection, notice I said that he was "nice" not good or perfect. When you look at Washington's draft, the first thing you notice is that the only thing that they addressed was the O-line and nothing else. Im sure they will be fine on defense since they have a very talented defense, but runnng a 3/4 defense with 4/3 players doesn't always go well like it did for Green Bay last year.

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