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Friday, April 23, 2010

1st Round/Day one Overview

Wow!! What a first round! I have never seen an round of a NFL draft that was so crazy, fast, intriguing, head scratching and surprising as last nights. Hell! the Raiders actually made a logical, smart pick, when has that ever happened in the last 5 years or ever? I seriously doubt that there is anyone who has a mock draft that was more than 60 percent accurate, and didnt look like this years NCAA tounament bracket after day two. I did two mocks and between them I got about 40 percent of my picks right. For example, in my first mock I had cincy taking Jermaine Gresham, then I had them taking Dan Williams in the second one. I had Arizona NOT taking Dan Williams in my first mock, then I had them taking Dan Williams in my second one. San Diego was another example, first mock I had them taking Ryan Matthews, second one Taylor Mays. I could go on and on but you get my point.

Last nights draft will be remembered for Tebow at 25, Dez at 24....... It will also be remembered for all of the trading back and up teams did to get players that made u scratch your head (49ers, Denver). Denver moved back and back on damn near every other pick to accumulate picks and litterly put on a clinic on "How to trade back in the NFL draft". In the end though, they traded most of those pics back to draft Tebow with Clausen, Colt McCoy and Sergio Kindle still on the board? As one guy on twitter told me last night, Josh drafting Tebow was a ego pick. People are quick to call him a QB coaching genius which is bullshit, and he is trying to prove it or is believing it with that Tebow pick. Dont get me wrong, Tebow will be a decent to good QB in the NFL, but not worth a first round pick when there are higher rated players still left on the board that fill needs that Denver have. All in all the draft went according to plan with a few exceptions of Buffalo surprising people by taking C.J. Spiller, Cleveland taking Joe Haden and Jacksonville taking Tyson Alualu. One of those players belong in the top ten and two dont nor were ever considered to be either. The forty niners, seahawks and lions really drafted well last night which doesnt surprise me too much. Those franchises seem to be heading in the right direction with smart football people in the front office that havent made many mistakes this off season or the draft so far.

Today is where teams really build the depth of their roster and find hidden gems in the draft. Many NFL people will tell you that rounds two through five are the most important rounds of the draft, not the first. Its easy to pick a good player out of the top 32 players in college football in the first round, it takes a keen eye to find players who really fit your team to fill out your roster. Lots of guys and marquee name guys are still available and should make this draft a very interesting one today and tomorrow. Questions for today is how far will Clausen and Kindle fall ? Where does Taylor Mays go? I expect Clausen to keep falling to the middle of the second round maybe even late second. Taylor Mays could go in the top of the second round, I see Tampa, Vikings, or Eagles drafting him. I dont think you will see many reaches in the rest of the draft, not even from Josh McDaniels. I fully expect Jacksonville to further confirm that they dont know what they are doing and they will always be a middle of the road team. The Patriots, Eagles and Texans will draft at least two players that will make you applaud them, and two picks that will make you say "Who or What the fuck was that"? But if you check these teams draft histories, they dont miss much on draft picks. The Texans 2006 draft is possibly one of the best drafts in the past 10 years. Lets see who will end up with the best draft class after this weekend...........

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